Nicole + jordan | Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel Greek Orthodox Church // national Wine centre, SA

“I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day, or a more perfect life. Thank you for everything and thank God for Tinder”.

Nicole and Jordan’s lives changed forever when they both swiped right on Tinder. With absolutely no regrets and a far better outcome than most Tinder matches (we assume) here they are today, on their epic wedding day!

This perfect match in total adoration of one another began their new chapter by embracing Jordan’s Greek heritage and traditions which included a beautiful Greek ceremony, a million cousins and partying…hard!

Every single person embraced and enjoyed this celebration, amidst an air of joy that these two found each other and were simply, meant to be.

We hope the rest of their adventure is this fun.


Captured alongside the brilliant Tony from B Captured by Ky Luu

Also some freaking brilliant installations by Lush Lighting and Blooming Bridal