Commercial PRICING guide


Welcome to the centre for all things media related. We’d love to put something together for you to help your media and social game get to the next level.

We really do wish we could prepare a one size fits all price guide, but with so many business formats out there we just don’t have that kind of foresight. For those that want something reasonably standard we have prepared a couple of packages below which are based on what we have supplied in the past. If you need something a little more or a little less, we’ve attached a form below so you can tell us exactly what your needs are so we can assess and get you a quote ASAP.



1 Minute Instagram clips

15second Insta Story style clips

Long form clips for IG TV or YOU TUBE

Interviews for web sharing in ‘about me’ style personal branding


Filming - $400 flat fee + $80 per hour

Editing - $40 per hour

Licenced music - $350 per song (approximate and adjusted based on costs)

Commercial copyright permissions - $800

1 Minute Instagram edit
Possibly one of the most popular video formats going at the moment. Make it an instagram post, cut it up into your stories, or share it over on facebook too. This little brief account fo your business gets straight to the point.

On location Pro Filming + Editing + Audio Recording (looks and sounds goooood)
Commercial copyright permissions and ownership (this thing is all yours, no restrictions)
Music licencing (avoiding copyright like a boss)