Adelaide Wedding videography


A collection of some of our most loved wedding films


katherine + Peter | Saint Spyridon Parish and Community // national Wine centre, SA

Oh my gosh Katherine and Peter do you mind!! WHAT a way to finish off the wedding season with simply, a blast of a time with a bunch of total legends!

There was rain, there were clouds and there was a lot of rice in the air but that’s what made this day as perfect and fun as it was. Two Greek families coming together for the biggest party ever in celebration of two people whom they all totally adore!

And how could you not; Katherine is a sassy sweetheart (if she doesn’t mind me calling her that) and Peter is the kindest, happiest guy..they just make an incredible couple and made us so happy to capture this moment in time for them. It was actually an honour and a privilege to share this small part of their story with the world…just watch and enjoy!

We can’t thank you guys enough for an awesomely fun day and an epic night. You share a beautiful love full of cute little quirks and a deep adoration…and here it is in all its glory.

Here’s to many more good times!!

*The biggest of thanks to legend Dan Evans and the streets of Radelaide!





Laura + Joey | Barrister’s block Wines // Adelaide HIlls SA

Two of the most fun and most loved humans…I think on the planet! Laura and Joey ooze class, kindness and love, what a combo!

They brought a huge bunch of loved ones together, from Sydney and Adelaide and gathered them all in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills for the event of their lives! It was such a special and outrageously epic occasion full of Aperol Spritz, dancing, grazing, laughter, smiles and above all, big Italian families; the most important thing of all for Laura and Joey.

How fun is this!!

Congrats guys!





Hannah + Sam | Kings beach retreat, south Australia

Hannah’s joy was infectious, I actually get emotional just thinking about it. She was a little ball of energy and ecstatic-ness and Sam was right there with her. What an adorable, incredibly fun and deep love these two share.

To take the next step in their journey together, these guys planned an awesome party at an unreal location; a sparkling blue piece of the South Australian coast that in the warm breeze, looks and feels like Santorini. Loved ones swilling wine and laughing while munching on cheesy pizza before partying till long after the stars came out. This is how Hannah and Sam wanted their dream wedding, and by golly they pulled it off.

Bestest wishes ever for the Mardlings!!





Katie + El | Fort Wayne, INDIANNA

“…I’m most excited not to have to say goodbye”.

What’s better than getting married? Getting married twice!

Oh these two, what a journey; a love found in Scotland, that traveled all around the world, to little old Adelaide for wedding #1 and then finally back to Katie’s hometown, Fort Wayne Indiana, for wedding #2! But this wasn’t the end of Katie and El’s crazy adventure, it was the final beginning.

These lovers have had quite a time; living most of their relationship in different countries. So to finally come together one last time to celebrate that they are now together, in the same place for good was crazy wonderful - the town even threw up some fireworks ;)

It truly felt like coming home; being able to spend yet another amazing day with these guys and their incredible families plus a bevy of new American friends to share the joy with!

I almost forget that this mid-west USA day was hot….hot! With humidity like you wouldn’t believe, but you wouldn’t know it with the smiles and excitement from everyone who was pumped to be there. What a day, what a party, what a couple and what an honour to share this love with the world…twice.




Mel + Michael | ayers house, adelaide SA

“To say I love you is not enough. To try and condense the depth of my feelings into a few words is impossible.”

Mel and Michael.

When I think back to this fabulous day what really stands out is just what genuine legends Mel and Michael are; absolute chillers who wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion by dressing to the nines, having a laugh and being surrounded by their favourite people.

Sure, they had incredibly mushy vows, super sweet moments and a romantic bridal waltz but these best friends have been together since year eight and I think a majorly fun celebration, many years in the making, was in order. It was a crazy time on the dance floor and a day full of laughs, colourful smoke and crazy big smiles set amongst the cool city of Adelaide.

How beautiful to spend time with wonderful humans at the height of happiness.

And what a future these two have.




Sam + Renae | The Brambles, verdun SA

Sam and Renae, at The Brambles..being amazing.

What a stunning, full of love and Christ centred moment for Sam and Renae. These sweet love birds planned their most important day at an utterly wonderful location, with a gorgeous group of people and an overflow of love between them. They just seemed like the perfect pair and had so many moments of true happiness that can only reflect what their future together will look like.

They were also just, the nicest people, surrounded by even more legends who made this day super enjoyable and a dream to capture. It was all so easy; a stunningly emotional ceremony, a simple and elegant dinner and a heck of a lot of dancing accompanied by the same amount of wine. What more could you want to celebrate such an occasion?

Thank you for having us here guys, it was an honour!

Soundtrack by the always brilliant The Light The Heat (via musicbed)



STEF + GIO | ST frances xavier // national wine centre

“We’re still kids and we’re still in love”

I think I’ll let the film explain most of this one; these two have been together since they were babies (and by that I mean teenagers). Seeing a collage of photos of their life together through all the early 2000’s fashions and haircuts and then seeing who they have become, well rounded, dashing and dapper humans who love everyone and are loved by all.

This day featured all the usual suspects of a great big wedding; the family celebrations at the house, the church, the drinks and the dancing. However almost nothing could have prepared us for the laughter, the emotion, the sheer joy and oh the class and style; espresso martinis and cheese on the patio anyone?

“This isn’t my first rodeo” - Giovanni referring to his carefully planned espresso martini bar.

*Please note that Giovanni is one of the most genuinely hilarious people we have ever met! I have never laughed so hard at so many one liners!!

What an absolute party, only a pair like Stef and Gio could have put together this infectiously fun celebration! They kicked off with just the perfect amount of drinking on a short bar crawl of two establishments then as the sun set the music started up and the rest is history.

“You should probably leave your car at the wine centre and get an Uber home tonight!" - Stefania referring to us….we didn’t though, we gathered evidence and took off at a reasonable hour, giddy to put together the best memories of the day for them!

Here they are.




ash + jo // private property

Ok, this spiel comes from a bit of a selfish place…initially. Almost ten years ago I paid money, I lined up, I pushed my way to the front, I jumped and screamed and sang my guts out at many a Sundance Kids gig! I also bought merchandise and lined up for autographs…if you’d have told me that however long later I’d be in a room with this same band jamming while they got suited up for a wedding I wouldn’t have believed you. And could I have ever been prepared for the exceptional love and epic event I was about to experience….nup!

I was pretty chuffed to be asked to document the wedding of one and only front man Ash Gale! So I was already giddy for this day, but nothing could have prepared me for the absolute emotion and surreality of the entire thing! Ash chose the best girl to marry; sweet, completely lovely, kind natured, deeply in love and drop dead gorgeous I should also mention! She also made her own wedding gown, that was just one of the details that blew us away. Ash is cool too.

The Gales Everybody.

A rock star wedding hashtag for a rockstar couple, I mean who even are these people who hired us?! I want them to know my depth of appreciation for having us and for giving me one of my favourite days I have experienced to document. It made me fall in love with this job all over again and made clear what weddings should be about…100% you!

I only hope I did them, their story and what went down at The Hampton’s, justice.


Shot alongside absolute legend, Shane Shepherd Photography



Lisa + Craig | Kingsbrook Estate, SA


Lisa and Craig unexpectedly met on an intimate holiday with friends in tropical Queensland and quickly developed a wonderfully close relationship. Ten days felt like ten years…in the nicest way possible according to Lisa.

Three years of adventure; romantic trips, a home and beautiful fur baby Gracie later they find themselves making lifetime promises to one another in the most divine setting, Kingsbrook Estate, which may as well be Tuscany. These guys are so in love and exceptionally loved by their many family and friends who all joined them for an emotional ceremony and wonderful party. Many champagnes later they were sent off in a glorious array of sparklers, always a risk with a tipsy crowd but it was simply joyous..and this fantastically funny and sweet couple deserved nothing less.

Congrats to these amazing people!




Jess + Dan | marybank farm // national wine center


When two cultures meet at a wedding, it’s bound to be epic! Jess, an Italian gal and Dan, Lebanese brought every bit of their heritage to the party and quite simply had a joyous time.

I never truly understood wedding traditions, but have learned that whether they have a deeper meaning or not, they serve their purpose by simply making people happy and giving others the joy of passing on said traditions. The blissful joy of wrapping the newly-weds in streamers or shaking your thang to sensational Lebanese drumming. Amongst all the loud fun, it actually made me emotional; seeing Jess completely lap up her husbands' culture while he did the same for her, to me it was true love!

And now the lovebirds.

Jess and Dan are just a joy! Kind, humble humans, honestly in love and surrounded with awesome people and real family values. I would like to thank them for having a great sense of humour, offering Lebanese coffee and other delicacies and knowing how to have fun! Everything you see here was exactly the vibe of the entire day…add a little warmth and a lot of wind.

All the absolute best you two.


*Jess is an incredibly talented graphic designer and the details she created for their wedding were stunning and such a personal touch!



justine + Marc | kutitpo forrest // Paxton wines

In telling Justine and Marc’s story, I couldn’t stop imagining them on their six-month van trip around Canada. They just seem like the most adventurous and free people who put together such a classy and fun affair that was quintessentially them. Marc spent his morning surfing with his best mates, while Justine sipped on bubbly and prepared to walk the aisle in Kuitpo Forest towards the man of her dreams.

Their ceremony amongst the towering Kuitpo pines truly felt whimsical; the banjo played, prosecco was poured and the couple’s gorgeous fur baby played ring bearer. Magic. The whole day was filled with love and pride from everybody present and how could they not, Justine and Marc are wonderful friends, loving and respectful children and down to earth sweethearts.

What a privilege to capture their love story… well one very special day of it anyway.





courtney + Daniel // carrick hill


Two amazing people simply full of personality and genuine kindness. That’s Courtney and Daniel.

When these two told us they were planning their entire wedding from interstate we thought they were crazy, but they pulled off an amazing day at gorgeous Carrick Hill. What was most important about them choosing an Adelaide wedding was that every one they wanted to be present could be and family and friends are so obviously the most important thing to these guys. That and each other, their dog (with which Daniel surprised Courtney by flying him down from Brisbane for the occasion)…and food! Courtney is kind of an amazing cook, she was totally on MKR with her awesome mum Val! And because of this, they and their loved ones wined and dined to their hearts content in a beautiful, intimate reception which included hilarious speeches, a lot of dancing and a giant Haighs chocolate slab (my personal highlight).

But enough about the party, Courtney and Daniel are just too sweet and share a beautiful love reflected in every glance, hand hold and super crazy laugh-smile combo! It was a very special day and I absolutely loved capturing it along side my husband Luke John Photography who did a stellar job at documenting the wonderful occasion.

A huge thank you to these guys for having us celebrate with them…now to go and watch back eps of MKR!




carly + ben | Sidewood estate // maximillian’s


“Carly, ten years and two days ago, I met you for the first time and it’s a moment I’ll never forget."

Carly and Ben, a scientist and a school teacher, are undoubtably two of the loveliest people you could ever meet! They are just as sweet, silly and kind-natured as they appear in this short snippet of a divine day, ten years in the making!

They met on a beach, surrounded by their best friends and married at the glorious Sidewood Estate surrounded by the very same people who loved, supported and helped nurture their relationship over the ten years that led them here. I tell you they were a bunch of characters and it was an awesome time.

We were most impressed by how easily these two loved one another and everyone around them and the utter joy beaming from them the entire day!

It is a privilege to be able to share a short story of wonderful people tying the knot and so nice to be genuinely happy for them despite only having met a couple of times. A huge congrats kids!


Shot alongside legend, Mike Hemus