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After how ever many dozens of weddings and talking with so many couples, one thing is pretty clear, this thing flies by so damn fast. In no time at all you’ll be reminiscing on the day that was, a beautiful ceremony and the best party you ever threw. With a documentary style we take a minimalistic approach to keep everything as natural and authentic as possible. We’re in there for all the emotion, beautiful connection and fun you and your friends can throw at us. Your story, your day and your connection is unique and that’s the story we are gonna tell. You do you, leave the rest to us.

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sam + renae | The Brambles

Sam and Renae, at The Brambles..being amazing.

What a stunning, full of love and Christ centred moment for Sam and Renae. These sweet love birds planned their most important day at an utterly wonderful location, with a gorgeous group of people and an overflow of love between them. They just seemed like the perfect pair and had so many moments of true happiness that can only reflect what their future together will look like.

They were also just, the nicest people, surrounded by even more legends who made this day super enjoyable and a dream to capture. It was all so easy; a stunningly emotional ceremony, a simple and elegant dinner and a heck of a lot of dancing accompanied by the same amount of wine. What more could you want to celebrate such an occasion?

Thank you for having us here guys, it was an honour!


sasha + brett | Brooklyn Farm, Myponga SA

Every single wedding is unique. Yes they usually have the white dress, the flowers and the speeches, but Sasha and Brett chose to hold their day at Brooklyn Farm in Myponga. A place that technically isn’t in the middle of no where, but it sure feels like it! Their closest friends and family joined them for what felt like a homely house party, outside underneath the South Australian stars. Not only is this a cool place for a wedding with pizza and booze, it came with an unexpected connection to Brett’s late father Mick. Unbeknownst to Brett, Mick had worked on a film shot at this very location. His name is up on the wall on a movie poster, which they noticed after they had chosen Brooklyn Farm. This was incredibly special and made them all the more sure that this was the place!

I should mention that Sasha and Brett have actually had connections for a long time without realising it. They first met at a gig, but discovered they both holidayed at the same mutual friend’s beach shack during their childhoods, as well as a myriad of other special connections. But here they are now, absolutely in love…and now married! They are as cute as they appear here and also super fun; total legends who deserve every happiness.

Thanks for making my job a coastal breeze guys!



More prettyness awaits!


We’ve been doing this for 6 years now so you bet there’s more films

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ABOUT Jessie

Hi I’m Jessie, lover of puns, real pizza, wine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a long black in the morning.

I also head up The Film Room; making colourful, dreamy and fun wedding films for amazing people.

My husband Luke and I were married a couple of years back at the Adelaide Hills, built our home as close to a wine region as was reasonable and now we continue to journey in our passions; videography for myself and photography for him.

We seriously love SA, more and more every day and we believe some of the most epic wedding locations are in our little pocket of the world. How lucky are we to have these hills, coastline and everything in between. We absolutely love that we get to make films for people who get married here.

I am sure we are yet to experience other unreal parts of the country and the world so if you are keen to have us create a sweet film for you elsewhere, get in touch and we will come to you for sure!